Check This Out…

Absolutely love this job. Remember the media wall we shared last week? Well here it is again in a completely unrecognisable form!
First we meshed and base coated the fireplace and chimney breast for strength. When this stove goes in there will be some serious heat, so this base coat will make sure everything stays protected and as it should!
This media wall was coated entirely in black ‘mamba’ microcement from Pisa. Pisa is our go too for all decorative finishes. We’ve been using them since we became official applicators and it’s always top quality.
Cupboard Doors where edge trimmed in black with both sides also coated in mamba to blend in with the rest then we fitted push button closers.
And then we went that one step further! This customer wanted something stunning and totally bespoke – so we delivered!
Here we have oxidation inserts which completely set off the entire design. We LOVE this media wall. It’s brilliant and makes this room look amazing. The customer has great taste.
Get in touch if you would like something similar for your home or business!