Tidy and Respectful…

We hear it a lot, that there’s nothing worse than a messy tradesman. 😰
In our industry, given the nature of our work, more times than not we have to work whilst it is “Business as usual”
By this we mean, if it is a residential property, the owners are still going to be there. If it is a commerical building, often they are still fullly operational.
So we keep that in mind when we work. We have often received compliments on how tidy we are – and we pride ourselves in it
Whether we are constructing a media wall, carrying out work outdoors or installing a microcement floor, we try to make sure that disruption is kept to a minimum
Often our work can stretch over several days, so we always like to make sure that the disruption caused when we are not there is also minimal
So if you are thinking of venetian plaster or microcement for your home or business and are worred about the disruption this may cause, fear not – speak to us and we can outline exactly what to expect