Microcement FAQs…

We get lots of microcement queries, so I’ve put together an FAQ. We’d would love to talk through your options so feel free to drop us a message!
✅️ Is it waterproof? – YES! Thanks to the use of a special polymer it it completely waterproof – so much so you can use it in showers and swimming pools
✅️ Is it easy to clean? Absolutely – it’s resistant to chemicals in domestic cleaning products. No grout lines or silicone means it’s easier to clean a microcement surface.
✅️ What will it look like? – What do you want it to look like – there are various textures and designs and colours for you to discuss. There’s no unsightly grout lines or silicone joints to discolour in years to come.
✅️ Is this only for floors and walls? – NO. In a little over a year we’ve completed jobs on work tops, bathrooms, shower rooms, outdoor flooring and wals, ceilings, stairs and even custom furniture. Yes, you can upcycle old furniture!
✅️ Is there a difference between microcement and polished concrete? – YES! They may look similar but how they are applied couldn’t be more different. Polished concrete is poured in one pour of around 100mm before drying and polished. When applying microcement we do so in thin layers of around 1mm, with polishes inbetween coats, depending on what sort of design or effect
✅️ Are my feet going to be freezing walking on this? – No! It may look that way, but it isn’t the case. It is fully compatible with underfloor heating. We all know energy bills are going up, but microcement can actually be more efficient than timber or carpet!
✅️ Do I have to rip up my current flooring? – NO! This is one of the major benefits, it can be applied directly over tiles and timber flooring, saving time and money.
✅️ Will it crack? – It’s rare for a microcement surface to crack, but this obviously depends on what it is applied to. Like tiling, if there’s significant movement underneath then it’s always possible, but it’s unlikely! And certainly more difficult to crack than other materials.
If you have any other questions you know where we are!