Here’s a throwback to a job we completed last year 😍
An absolutely stunning media wall finished in black and bronze venetian plaster.
Everything you see here was provided by Lux! We do:
✅️ The build
✅️ Socket wiring
✅️ Add the bracket
✅️ Cupboards, shelves, doors etc
✅️ Add spotlights
✅️ Coat in venetian plaster
So you can be assured that the entire job from start to finish will be finished to the highest of standards.
This particular unit is finished in black venetian plaster including the cupboard doors, and topper, finished in a bronze wax with the shelves coated in a subtle white metallic. Absolutely love this job.
We can apply our products to a range of surfaces and areas, whether it’s walls, ceilings furniture or whatever you like – get in touch!
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