Next Training Course…

I have spent the best part of the last decade training, re-training, continuously learning and growing to ensure that we, Lux, are the best applicator of Venetian Plaster and Microcement in Ireland.
Continuously learning new products, continuously improving. I thought, if I keep it to myself, it’s less competition – right?
But then a light switch flicked which made me realise that a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle! And thus Lux Training Academy was born!
Our first course is about to get underway in our brand new training facility and showroom, our 2nd course is nearly full, but there are 2 spaces remaining.
I want to teach YOU the art of venetian plastering and microcement. No matter what your age, gender, ability or experience. Whether you’re a plasterer or a total newbie.
The cost is £500, but all we require is a £100 deposit. Get in touch today, learning new skills can completely transform your life!