Terrazzo is a highly versatile building material made up on marble, quartz, granite or glass chips combined with epoxy or cementitious binder. It is an ever-growing popular green building material, sustainable and versatile, this popular flooring option is the type of surface you may see in places like shopping centres, hotels, sky scrapers and now ever growingly popular in commercial properties.
The floors are built to last, so if you have a lot of traffic coming through your room then these floors are ideal. They can last around 100 years and are extremely easy to clean.
They are completely customisable and have endless colour options – so they can be installed to match whichever room you choose. You can have a patterned display in a bathroom, tiled display in a hallway, a solid colour in a living room, whichever you decide, were here to help!
We have been fully trained to supply this flooring – just another bow in the ever growing Lux arrow!